On December 1st, 2016, the most powerful brands in China gathered and celebrated “best brands 2016 – the Chinese brand ranking” award ceremony, discussing the topic of its third edition - “Next China”.

We congratulate our winners: Airbnb, WeChat, BMW, and Huawei, as 4 outstanding brands leaving their marks in the Chinese marketing environment.

The Gala honored the winners and provided a stage for some outstanding keynote speakers sharing insights to their work and brands.

Overall it was an amazing event in compliment of all the innovation, creativity and movement China and its people bring to life.


  • "Best Consumer Electronics Brand"

    Huawei, Apple, Lenovo, MI, Canon

  • "Best Emotionally Bonding Brand"

    BMW, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Moutai

  • "Best Disruptive Brand"

    Airbnb, Alipay, Gaode Map, Tesla, Uber

  • "Best Digital Economy Brand"

    WeChat, Alipay, QQ, Taobao, Tmall


2015 "best brands" Award in China — September 17, 2015
"BEST BRANDS CHINA 2015" - FOR THE SECOND TIME WE AWARD THE MOST POWERFUL AND SUCCESFUL BRANDS IN CHINA. The Second Annual "best brands" Awards Ceremony In Shanghai Announced Its Final Winners List

(September 17, 2015, Shanghai) The second annual "best brands" awards have returned to China and attracted tremendous attention from leading brands and media representatives whom witnessed the glamor of best brands in Shanghai.

Originally setup by GfK & Serviceplan, "best brands" is Germany’s brand award, which honors the most powerful brands and has been seen as the barometer for brand performance in Germany since 2004. This year, Uniplan is proud to be the co-organizer of this prestigious event, creating the ultimate experience for visitors through their expertise in the live communications field. "best brands" is the only marketing award based on an extensive study of Chinese consumers, in which the brands were evaluated on a model developed by GfK market research experts, employing the two criteria, "emotional attachment" and "behavioral loyalty". The number of categories has increased from seven in 2014 to ten categories this year, including "Best Automotive Brand" and "Best Luxury Brand".

The 2015 "best brands" winners:
"Best Food & Beverage Brand - NONGFU SPRING"
"Best Personal Care Brand - Safeguard"
"Best Apparel Brand award - NIKE"
"Best Home Appliance & Entertainment Brand - Sony"
"Best Digital Device Brand - Apple"
"Best Automotive Brand - Volkswagen"
"Best Alcoholic Beverage Brand - Tsingtao"
"Best Fast Growing Brand - CLEAR & HUAWEI"
"Best Luxury Brand – Chanel"

Safeguard was the winner of Best Product Brand as the cross category.


20th March 2014, Beijing, PR Newswire – Today, "best brands – the Chinese brand award 2014" revealed the most powerful and successful brands in China, representing with the "best brands" awards ceremony in an exceptionally attractive and unique venue: the BMW Brand Experience Centre Shanghai.

More than 100 invited guests from business, retailing and media gathered in an exciting afternoon to celebrate the brand power in China: hosted by Michele Lean, a professional actress and TV presenter, the event started with a welcome address by Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Group and the keynote speech "Best Brand, Best Product: a long lasting way to China", by Professor Roberto Donà. The day was then followed by insightful speeches – "Future Retail" presented by BMW, "The Future of Brand Communication" by Serviceplan and "Share of Soul – Share of Market: how to build up sustainable and successful brands and control market performance" delivered by GfK, one of the leading market research companies in the world.

The "best brands" event then culminated in the late afternoon, when the winners were revealed and awarded with the “best brands” award in 7 categories.

"The winners of the ‘best brands’ are not chosen based on the subjective opinion of a jury, but on consumer perceptions and attachment to the brands," said Ashok Sethi, Managing Director of GfK CE China. " ‘best brands’ is the only marketing prize, which is based on an extensive study of over 4,000 Chinese consumers, in which the brands are evaluated on a model developed by GfK marketing scientists, which employs the twin criteria of emotional attachment and behavioral loyalty."

"best brands" is Germany’s brand award, created by GfK and Serviceplan, the largest and most diversified independent agency group in Europe, in 2004 to honor the most powerful brands annually in Germany. Since 2013, "best brands – the Chinese brand award" study has been introduced to China, aiming to promote successful and innovative brand management and to provide a strong forum for pioneering branding, communication solutions and its evaluation. "best brands" is the first brand award to take a comprehensive view of the worth of a brand, evaluating it based on both emotional and behavioral dimensions – creating transparency and objectivity.

The categories
The "best brands" trophies are awarded in the categories of "Best Corporate Brand" and "Best Product Brand". For the first year in China, the special categories, which change every year, honor the "Best Food & Beverage Brand", "Best Apparel Brand", "Best Personal Care Brand", "Best Home Appliance Brand" and "Best Electronics Brand".